These are some of the dishes available to cook  in approximately 2 hours please choose the  dish you want to cook.


(1) Caribbean traditional chicken soup with hard food and dumpling  (2) Chicken foot soup with hard food and dumpling  (3) Callaloo with salt fish with hard food   (4) Callaloo with fry dumpling  (5) Coconut Rundown with salt fish and hard food  (6) Salt fish fritters and fried plantain  (7) Choco all in one with stew chicken and white rice  (8)   Stew chicken and hard food   (9)  Brown stew chicken and carrot with white rice  (10) Fried fish with hard food  (11) Fried  Fish with white  Rice  (12) Rasta  man   stew  in  many different style  13) Grandma’s all in one chicken pot stew.

These are some of the  dishes available to cook in approximately 4 hours please choose the dish you want to cook. (1) Curry goat and white rice. (2) Oxtail and butter beans with spinners. (3) Cow foot soup with hard food and dumplings. (4) Cow foot and butter beans. (5) Mannish water soup with hard food. (6) Stew beef with white rice. (7) Stew beef with hard food. (8) Beef soup with pumpkin also hard food and dumplings (9) Red peas stew beef with white rice. (10) Red Peas beef soup with hard food and dumpling.